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Latest that what you call it

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Latest that what you call it

Can't remember what program it was on as my Mum saw it but apparently the latest fashion is jeans with the two back pockets cut out and then bare flesh showing through!! Shocked is this for real? answer = yes what is the world coming too? you would'nt catch me walking around like that I'll tell you, mind you if I did you'd see bones only  Grin
Whatever will be next.....walking along seeing people with their vitals exposed......yuck!!  Roll_eyes
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Re: Latest that what you call it

There was a topless "ladies" fashion fad introduced in the late 60's or 70's don't remember exactly when. Remember as a very impressionable young man seeing the photo of a "wearer" in national newspapers. Vague recollections of a black dress (actually looked like a backless on back-to-front) open to the waist, the wearer with a tall dark beehive hairdo. Good job she had a good "figure" as she had a face only a mother could love.
Caused quite a stir at the time, as attitudes were still quite Victorian in many ways then. Apart from publicity stunts, not sure if many women actually ever wore it in public.
On an historical note, the French court of Marie Antoinette's time was dominated by topless, indeed she went to the Guillotine wearing it.
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