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Late voicemails

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Late voicemails


Does anyone else get very late voices mails suddenly?  Yesterday I received messages for 27th, 28th, 29th Sep and 1st Oct all on one day.  This has happened before, but currently on call for a very sick 94 year old so difficult!.  Margo



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Re: Late voicemails

Probably best to complain to your voicemail provider... and see what they have to say.


I dont get any voice mails... if directed to one via an unknown number I ignore them anyway, as I always have my phone on my person, and switched on... so whoever wants to contact me, can do so, without resorting to voicemail.


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Re: Late voicemails

T-Mobile used to be terrible for it. I'd often get a phone call in the middle of the night to tell me I had a new voicemail - at 3am thats not funny. I called their HQ and asked them to stop this. They refused. I told them if they didn't, I would make an accusation of harassment against them. They put a stop to it by turning off my voicemail - which was way better.


I'm on Tesco (O2) and ASDA (EE) at the moment and get no late voicemails at all.

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