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Lada Formula One

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Lada Formula One

Some 20 years ago I had a Lada Riva Estate which, with over 150k on the clock, eventually died valiantly defending me from an out of control Transit in a narrow country lane.
Many will remember the jokes like it had a heated rear window to keep ones hands warm whilst pushing it and you could double its value by filling the petrol tank  Smiley
I now see that Lada have done a sponsorship deal with Renault F1
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Re: Lada Formula One

Indeed, also had a Lada 1200. no power steering that needed 6 strong men to turn the steering wheel, and a heater that wouldn't turn off, would melt polar ice-caps in winter, in the summer temps of over 40+C with the windows open were not unusual. Broke three timing chains in 5000 miles...just fitted a new chain a bit of minor re-timing and drove it away. Glad to get rid of it though.
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