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Not sure what it is with me and kettles, the things never seem to last more than 2 years, we usually buy a bog standard stainless steel electric kettle but the last one we got the water tasted metallic, others have made comments on the internet about this.

So being the smart chap I am, I purchased a well known make of kettle for a gas hob, what could go wrong with that, should last a lifetime.........


2 years later.....



The inside of the kettle has gone rusty !


So new electric glass kettle ordered from amazon....... will it stand the test of time ? who knows.



Note to mods:  Should this post have been in the hardware section of the forum ?


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Re: Kettles

Belt and braces here.

One of those bog standards for our gas hob, and an electric one kept as spare in case our bottled gas runs out. The gas hob ones are cheap enough and we usually bin it after a couple of years for a new one. 

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Re: Kettles

The kettle we have is a cheap tesco stainless steel job, lasted about 5 years so far (know this because the old kettle accidentally got left behind in Lancashire when moving), could do with a bit of a descale now though as the hotplate in the base is looking a tad yucky...


Also got an "eco" kettle as a spare, was the uncle's but it developed a fault where the cheap plastic straw inside (no, I don't know what it's for either!) fell off and piddled water out through the base, I did glue the straw back in place and have tested it a few times, but, it's spare only...

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Re: Kettles

New electric kettle.... boil a full kettle... chuck away the water down the sink... ( it will help degrease it, too ! ).

refill with mix of fresh water and about 100 ml of white vinegar...... boil it.... and chuck it down the sink... ( more degreasing)


repeat with the other half of the 250 ml bottle of white vinegar...  boil it... and chuck it down the sink... ( crikey me !.. that plug ole is nice and clean now! ! !  Cheesy )


rinse the kettle out with fresh water... then fill and boil again... if any smell of vinegar... chuck it down the sink.... again...


repeat until no vinegar smell.... then use one of these... ( or similar ).. permanently in the kettle...


when it is clogged up... you can just crush it in your hands to loosen the scale, rinse it under the tap....  and re-use it.. ...

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Re: Kettles

Ours is an old Lidl kettle. The first we ever had where you can't see the element.

Well over a decade old now.

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Re: Kettles

I paid over £35 for a kettle with a water filter 18 months later it started leaking from the bottom, store said not our problem out of warranty. CEO ignored my email but responded within 24 hours to a NOTICE OF PROSECUTION email that simply told him that on a date I purchased the kettle and after 18 months it became unfit for purpose and must be fit for purpose for 6 years, 5 in Scotland, and a copy of county court papers saying in 72 hours they were been filed with the court, and I would be claiming all costs associated with the claim. 3 days after the email I got a new kettle but as I had already replaced it with a cheapo from the supermarket over the road I sold it with two spare filters I had, 5 years later the chepo kettle is still working.