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Keir Starmer

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Keir Starmer

Is Keir Starmer really just a hologram of a person and not real ?  His performance on prime ministers questions seems to prove the people right ( George Galloway in particular ) who describe him as a tailors dummy.   Vacuous and wooden is another description that springs to mind,  he may be a decent lawyer who was good at passing bullets to other people to fire during Brexit shenanigans - but does seem more like a backroom office civil servant type who is no good at real-time face to face parliamentary debate and hurly-burly.   Boris will have the circuitous Sir Keir for breakfast when he takes his place in the chamber again.  

His best qualifications for getting elected as leader of labour were probably that he was not Rebecca  Wrong-Daily or Lisa Nandy - don't know how he will draw the feuding factions party together and make them electable again..

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Re: Keir Starmer

@wotsup   As has been said many times MAX HEADROOM!