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Keeping it in their pants.

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Keeping it in their pants.

Anybody else struck by the similarities between Trump's sex boast and that Strauss-Kahn scandal a little while back as funnily enough I watched a film about the guy last night called 'Welcome to New York' starring Gérard Depardieu, and what a sack of poop that guy was when it came to women.

Power, money, influence - and the inability to keep it in their pants on with one looking to be President of America and the other almost becoming the President of France. Sheesh.

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Re: Keeping it in their pants.

Kennedy actually made it to President and he was the same (allegedly !!!). Some say that's why he was disposed of because he was becoming a liability (allegedly !!). 


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Re: Keeping it in their pants.

For one of the first times Trump was telling it as it is.

An uncomfortable truth. One that's shown to be true everyday in the news.

And he's right in saying how can Clinton (either of them) tell him off.