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India looks set to take over it's half of Kashmir, but is it going to lead to a war between themselves and Pakistan.

Both nuclear armed as we know, but not mad enough to use them surely - but then when religion rears it's ugly head rationality is its first victim. I'm guessing that these two intransigent nations have on this at least, agreed split the country between themselves in much the same way as Germany and the Soviet Union did with Poland. 

Let's hope so anyway as it would be the lesser of two evils.

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Re: Kashmir

Let's hope you're right....

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Re: Kashmir

If things do start to escalate how long will it be before other countries start to poke their nose in and get involved.

Hopefully we will have the sense to keep out of it.

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Re: Kashmir

Once again religion is used to justify violence - has been the same throughout history, just like guns are not evil in themselves but are used by some people in an evil way, so it is with religion.  I know that Indians living in northern provinces are fed up with Muslims coming across the borders stealing their sacred cows for food and mount armed vigilanty patrols to combat it... Funny how every Muslim country without vast oil reserves is a total mess ( as are the ones with oil as far as human rights are concerned ).  The new burgeoning India with its successful economy will no longer accept enemies on its borders and will make Kashmir a buffer zone, as any sensible country would.. ( The first duty of any government is to protect its citizens ).


Just like Islam invaded southern Europe and had to be expelled at great cost of life, so will India need to sort it out....