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Just had another..

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Just had another..

tech support phone call  Cheesy
I only managed to string them along for 9:57 before they got bored and stopped talking.
Apparently I have a CFS.<something>.exe running on my computer and they are from windows cloud. I'm going to be reported and charged because my computer is sending out emails  Crazy You should have heard them struggle when they told me it was my windows PC and I told them I was using debian linux lol. "No sir, that is part of windows" he told me numerous times lol.
Oh yes he also asked for my name (after I told him I wasn't the person he wanted) so I told him I was 'me'. Address: 123 any road, any town, any country LOL.
I thought they'd be getting tired of this scam by now..
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Re: Just had another..

No sir, that is part of windows

he was partially right, windows owes its all to linux ........... time to run before the microshower take umbrage SmileySmileySmiley