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Just an elaborate art gallery...

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Just an elaborate art gallery...

Well that's what they're now saying about Stonehenge.
Has the mystery of Stonehenge's purpose finally been solved? 3D laser scanning shows stones were ali...
The latest 3D laser technology revealed new evidence of the importance of the midwinter sunset to the ancient creators of Stonehenge, along with 71 new images invisible to the naked eye due to weathering of the stone.
It suggests that the stonemasons used the best materials where the rays would hit the stone, ensuring they would glisten in the final light of the setting winter solstice sun, or at dawn on the longest day.

The laser scan has also revealed many more prehistoric carvings, including 71 new images of Bronze Age axe heads chipped into five of the giant stones, bringing the number of such carvings discovered at Stonehenge to 115.
The previously unknown Early Bronze Age carvings are invisible to the naked eye.
To find them, researchers analysed 850 gigabytes of information.

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