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June Whitfield...

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June Whitfield...

...has died aged 93.


Sad and I was only reading (what turned out to be) her last interview earlier this evening.


Wasn't a fan of Ab Fab but remember Terry and June and Happy Ever After both with Terry Scott with fondness.


She also starred in several Carry On films as well as in The Last of the Summer Wine.


She was also a stalwart of Radio.

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Re: June Whitfield...

Yes so sad. A true stalwart of British comedy.


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Re: June Whitfield...

I didn't know she was so old.

I used to enjoy Terry and June when it was first broadcast.  With work and one thing and another I never got the chance to watch Ab Fab, but I understand it was hilarious.  I read today that she was only supposed to appear in one episode but was kept in (a wise decision by the sound of it).


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Re: June Whitfield...

Her modest acceptance of playing second fiddle was, she claims rightly, the key to her success and our enjoyment.

No one has to agree with my opinion, but in the time I have left a miracle would be nice.
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Re: June Whitfield...


There is a BBC news webpage which lists the celebrities we've lost this year.

Longer than I thought to be honest, and of course it isn't pleasant reading but you have to accept it is true.

All I can say is having been through it, that is what I have to do is just accept it and appreciate the people for what they did.