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John Terry

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John Terry

A few laughs for any Chelsea fans out there. Grin Grin

JT has signed up to star in a new TV show. It's called Other Footballers' Wives.

Ashley Cole was caught doing 104mph in a 50mph zone. When questioned by police as to why he was speeding, he said: "l've just heard JT is parked
outside my house!"

England manager Fabio Capello phoned Wayne Bridge and said: "JT's lost the captain's armband. Can you do me a favour and have a good look under
your bed for it?"

So JT was sleeping with Wayne Bridge's girl. Poor old Wayne - he wasn't even first choice with his missus.

Newsflash just in: "Bridge close to collapsing in Manchester. Support needed."

So JT has been caught stealing another man's girl. I bet his old mum will be so proud he's learned something from her.

What have Wayne's ex-missus and the 2008 Champions League final goalpost got in common? They've both been banged by JT.
The England team have voted for Terry to keep his place in the World Cup squad. With the ban on WAGs travelling to South Africa, no one wants him
left behind.
Did you know JT has scored 28 times at the Bridge? Nah, nor did Wayne.

Wayne sent his missus a replica of his willy made from Cadbury's chocolate. But she refused it, saying she prefers Terry's!

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Re: John Terry

Passed on some of the jokes to my friend (he's a chelsea fan).
I think Capello did the right thing in dropping him as captain.
I do see why people would say that it is his private life, but I don't think it is his private life. Its his team mates girlfriend.
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Re: John Terry

You only have to look at his past record to see what sort of person he is.  He does not deserve to be England Captain.  How could he captain a side with Wayne Bridge in it?
It was disclosed today that one of the perks for being England Captain was a luxury 12 seater box at Wembley. He had been renting it out at £4000 a time.