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John Denver

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John Denver

Went to a John Denver tribute group last night and they were really good.

You could actually hear every word unlike some of the stuff about these days.

The aim of the group was to keep his music alive but I guess that might not be easy, half the seats were empty and some of the venues they had previously played at had closed due to lack of support for live entertainment, many in seaside towns.

I was surprised to learn he released 50 albums and his contract with RCA was terminated due to him releasing a track which was considered too political, the tribute group played the track which was along the lines of millions spent on a single military rocket, money which could have been used to feed starving children across the world.

JD died over 20 years ago hopefully his music will not be forgotten

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Re: John Denver

He was a great singer, and not a bad actor either.

All views expressed are my own but you can express them too if you want to be right about everything like I am.