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Jersey Royals

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Jersey Royals

For many years I have looked forward to this time of years when the early crop of Jersey Royal potatoes hit the supermarket shelves.

But, is it my imagination or do they lack the subtle flavour they used to have? have perhaps the farming methods become very intensive, in so doing spoiling the flavour.

We hear many complaints that things just don't taste like they used to, but personally I think I'm right with this one.

I boil them in very lightly salted water until just "done", and eat far too many of them.

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Re: Jersey Royals

The big difference is that they decided to stop using seaweed fertiliser and now they are forced under plastic

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Re: Jersey Royals

Yes, indeedy... they did seem to have more flavour in years gone by.....


Chocolate bars were bigger too... remember how BIG wagon wheels were  ?  Shocked

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Re: Jersey Royals

I'm glad it's not just me. I just bought a pack of "Jersey Royal Baby New Potatoes Waitrose 500g" and found them tasteless. For the price I paid I could have bought > 2500g of King Edwards so I was very disappointed.
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Re: Jersey Royals

grow your own i do Wink 

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Re: Jersey Royals

I don't eat potatoes normally but always try them at this time of year. I love the taste of Jersey Royals. Always boil with a sprig of mint in the water. LovelySmiley  I'm in the US at present but looking forward to trying them when I get home.

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Re: Jersey Royals

They used to be a tasty treat.


But now I find it hard to tell any difference to normal small new salad potatoes.


The original high prices have disappeared and so has much of the taste.