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It's the kettle's fault

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It's the kettle's fault

Apparently if you have an eco-friendly electric plug-in vehicle, you may have to forgo your early morning cup of tea.

You'll need a 100 Amp main fuse in your power supply to fast charge your car's battery, but even this would leave not much amp availability for things such as kettles and washing machines. 

The National Grid reckons there's enough power, but for how many cars?  Perhaps we should have local micro power stations to avoid electric power transmission loss. Of course these local generators would be fuelled by ...?

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Re: It's the kettle's fault

AlaricAdair wrote:

Of course these local generators would be fuelled by ...?


DIESEL!!!!! Funny

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Re: It's the kettle's fault

twocvbloke wrote: 

DIESEL!!!!! Funny


Or (being electric)...D.Cells. Cool smiley

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Re: It's the kettle's fault

I know,,, we should all erect a suitable wind turbine in our gardens or on our roofs. Those living in windless areas should fit solar panels. On the coast, individual tidal power is the way to go with thousands of reciprocating pumps all along the beaches..

Government assistance will of course not be available, but we can rest easily in the knowledge that at a stroke we have solved the countries unemployment problems.

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Re: It's the kettle's fault

petlew wrote:

individual tidal power is the way to go

I remember a newspaper article about a person who obtained "free" electricity by setting up a small turbine in his bath powered by the baths tap. At the time I thought it was a clever idea but it was of course in a time before water meters. Now, that would be a very expensive way of generating electricity.

I don't remember how they were found out. By the extremely low bill or the constance running water?