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It's the Last Straw

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It's the Last Straw

Well someone had to say it !


We bought a couple of packs last year, for when the grandchildren visit.

They like the curly ones....

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Re: It's the Last Straw

God it's like the Sun, but just for people who don't care about some celiberity (who I don't know) did something 4 years ago. Hardly going to affect my life what they did.

Yeah lets campaign to the government, make headlines and get something either banned or taxed higher to stop people doing it. As if.

Worked with the smoking ban didn't it? Oh and what happens to the 1p in VAT per bag? Have you noticed the government spend it anywhere? Nope, neither have I.

Oh but I can get free bags from my local shops, do they cause less pollution as they're free? Or would a 5p bag cause less. Does the bag say to itself "Oooh my owner paid 5p for me, I'd better not cause any pollution when I am thrown. I'll just disappear, ha ha free bags you will!".

Thank god I have an education and have Business Studies - mind you, you'd only need a yoctopercent of any Business Studies education to know that is false.

Sorry - rant over.