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It's not looking good

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It's not looking good

Violence of the worst kind has once again erupted in Israel, and it's not looking good. But how can we condemn the Jewish nation for claiming what is rightfully theirs when the Palestinians claim the same.

Man robs man of land and political expediency concurs. Has it ever been thus, and we'd be hypocritical to argue otherwise.

Personally I sympathise with the Palestinians, but I cannot and will not deny the right of the state of Israel to exist.


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Re: It's not looking good

Perhaps the answer is to sit on the fence ? Obama promised to do something as did other US presidents but not did until now.

Is it not better to maintain the status quo ? Look at the numbers killed so far, how many more will their be ?

If people harm your friends and family it will not be forgotten for centuries as history shows us.

Perhaps this is a wrong decision even though done for the right reasons.