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It pays to complain...

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It pays to complain...

Actually, I didn't really complain but rather left two comments on Barclays website a few months ago:
One was asking about some missing pdf files regarding the T&C of their Additions Active benefits and the other was asking for more info regarding why their system automatically re-issued a card after it deemed a third party may have had access to/cloned my debit card. I really wanted to know whether this was due to an online or in-person transaction.
Anyway, both requests were resolved to my satisfaction this afternoon plus two ex gratia payments (£50 + £100) for the time taken to respond.
Very happy with that Smiley Cool

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Re: It pays to complain...

I got £60 once from RBS because they missold me an account that wasn't as described. In hindsight it was actually a good thing that they did but i didn't realise that at the time. Anyway that £60 didn't last long  Cheesy
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