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It is with regret.......

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It is with regret.......

It is with regret...... that I am leaving PlusNet, after over Eleven and a half years.

During that time,... I have had very little problem with my connection. and only had to contact Plusnet about 4 times regarding the service.


However...the facilities for Customer Service have been eroded bit by bit, and now there is very little in the way of facilities to contact them, unless you are daft enough to use twitface  as your prime method of contacting them.


I am hard of hearing...75 years old... it is almost impossible to hold a conversation on the telephone....

and I suspect there are a couple of thousand others, just like me, or even worse off,

that need the service of, either an EMAIL contact, or LIVE CHAT.. for customer service, where it is "written down" so that you can see what you have sent, and what the response is.



We , of the old generation, need time to consider things, and not make instant decisions, being pressurised by the feeling that the other person is trying to get rid of you as quick as possible to get on to the next ( easier ) customer to deal with.



Over the years, the ticket system started slow down.... due to the number of new customers with the "same old.... same old "  problems...


( which... Plusnet should have fixed, thus reducing the number of "repeated" problem customers ) 


eventually, it got so bogged down, that it was like crawling through a dense jungle, trying to get some kind of result from it... it got so bad, that Plusnet shut it down...


The phone system... 10 years ago, I started a campaign, to get a "your turn is number.... xxx " system installed... but ... the only result was that Chris...a staffer... just kept saying   "Give us time .... and we`ll get there"..... well     you still have not got there... and the phone waiting times are just as bad, or worse... ( i only surmise this, because of the wingeing customers on the forum).. I have not experience the phone system personally.for many years...... 


10 + years on... you would expect an improvement in services...especially as the main theme of the Plusnet advertising is  " We`ll do you proud" with "Award winning customer service"...


What a laugh ..... 


they also announce that they are "open and honest"....


Well, that also is not true....


they shut down Live Chat... without warning,...


left the page running that stated the "live chat is loading" ...  when it was closed...


( open and honest ?     )    in your dreams........... 


That was done to "ease the load on the telephone system".(.a retrograde step, as those who could not get on live chat, clogged up the system further........ )

which was a direct action discriminating against the hearing and speech impaired disabled customers..


who relied on Live Chat...  


Due to my campaign about that.... Plusnet eventually re-opened Live Chat... 


but... ....  ....  


              ..... not very long afterwards...

                                                                they... did it again....


Again...not being "open and honest"... nor "doing you proud"... the just stopped the Live Chat from operating...


not even putting up a notice on the Live Chat landing page...


but keeping the "Live chat is busy.. please try again later"     OR even   "live chat is loading"   it will only be a short while...


TOTALLY DISHONEST.... Hundreds of customers spending all day trying to get Live Chat to work...but ... unfortunately... again... Plusnet Customer Service FAILED MISERABLY..


It was not until I mentioned that one staffer had told me that Live Chat was permanently closed, that any mention of it being a "permanent" situation was announced on the forum


Even then... it was not "officially announced"..... and many complaints were posted about the wording on the Live Chat landing page... Plusnet saying that it "takes time to change these pages" ..


Yeah.... "give us time... and we`ll get there"..


Perhaps ... instead of "award winning service... and "we`ll do you proud"... the advertising slogan should read..


"Give us time... and we`ll get there"...  ( particularly applying to answering the phones, maybe..... )


I doubt whether this posting will make a blind bit of difference to the attitude of the Plusnet management, in regards to the kind of company, Plusnet has morphed into, over the past 10 years...

they will still carry on.. getting their big fat pay checks... and still go home at the end of the day, thinking they have done a good job.... 

being "open and honest" about the way the company is run...and "doing their customers........... " 



 As for the actual "customer service personnel"... that I have had to deal with, in my time...

all I can say is

                     "Thank you"...

                                    YOU have always tried to "do me proud"...

                                                        despite the failings of your management.


I am sure, that, at times... you must have felt just as frustrated at the system, you are working with, as the customers who are trying to use it..

Good Luck to you.. I hope you will find a new job, that gives better satisfaction from the management side, as well as the customer side..


I am going to a supplier that uses Email, for customer service.... and during the past month, I have been in contact with them several times, and the response has been excellent


Oh.. and they are re-vamping their INCLUDE LIVE CHAT.... now THAT is proper customer service....


Bye Bye..... 







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Re: It is with regret.......

Good luck for the the future and thanks for all your contributions to the forums.

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Re: It is with regret.......

Sorry for your news, hope you may consider at least staying on the community site as you will be greatly missed here. Thank you for sharing your wisdom here on general chat as I say you will be missed. Best wishes for your future and keep safe in these uncertain times.


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Re: It is with regret.......

@shutter wrote: Oh.. and they are re-vamping their INCLUDE LIVE CHAT.... now THAT is proper customer service....

Bye Bye..... 

My ISP does live chat as well. Very good it is to use too. If only they had a good active forum. 😐


Hopefully we'll still see you around. 😎

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Re: It is with regret.......

@shutter  Sorry to hear you are leaving PN. Do stay on the forums. Your contributions are always welcome and long may they continue. Let us know how you settle down with your new ISP.


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Re: It is with regret.......


Do keep in touch, your input and advice has been of considerable value to me in several areas.

Few could disagree with the points you make in your post, I think it tragic that PN was a great company in the past providing a excellent service but the number of complaints seem to escalate by the day in line with the reduction of support provided to customers with problems.

I am sure staff at customer level do their best to provide a good service to customers but clearly those at the top simply could not care less, numbers and bonus payments being the order of the day.

One question someone might like to answer.....who is in charge at PN ?

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Re: It is with regret.......

Do you remember the good old days when PN's CEO got involved with the forums?
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Re: It is with regret.......

@gleneagles In answer to your question .....BT!!!!!!

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Re: It is with regret.......


You have been threatening this for a bit now so am not surprised at your decision. I wish you all the best with your new ISP. Hopefully they will have their own forum so that you can rattle their cage if/when the gloss wears off.

I have enjoyed our occasional interactions, in truth I have not always agreed with you but that is part of the process, do stick around here for a bit. I have particularly enjoyed following your conversion to Linux. There was a lot to be learnt from your questions and the helpful answers that you received.

Your decision and the contents of your post have caused me to reflect. I have been with Plusnet for a bit longer than you. I originally joined Metronet on what was a staggering update from dial up to 256kb/s. These were the days when you bought your own router and Metronet had some very skilled engineers manning their forum. As I remember it, it was a company run by geeks for geeks.

I understand that Plusnet was originally run along the same lines. I remember the resentment when Plusnet acquired Metronet and the feeling was that it was the beginning of the end for Metronet. After a few years I jumped ship and transferred across.

The rot I believe really set in when BT decided that Plusnet would make a good bargain basement ISP and bought them out. Since then things have changed completely. Forget a service by geeks for geeks, this has been turned into a bargain basement ISP for the masses. Skills levels have been reduced.  There are some notable exceptions and I'm sure we all know who those staffers are. This is no criticism of Plusnet staff but a fact of life. To get some insight it is interesting to look at Plusnet career opportunities, technical requirements, unsocial hours of  work and the salary scale and you realise that the average agent is not going to hang around long if they have the full range of skills required to do the job properly. There must be far better opportunities out there, especially at the quality end of the ISP market.

I guess that we have to accept that for which we are prepared to pay. Instead of your beloved live chat etc we get meaningless ungrammatical slogans like 'We'll do you proud'. The best option is probably to just pay more and move on. I understand that you're happy with your new choice of ISP at the moment. I shall be interested to hear how things go if/when you have a problem. Only then can you test the quality of their support systems.



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Re: It is with regret.......

A legend in your own lunch time.  😎

Good luck in pastures new - do let us know how it goes.

73 OM

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Re: It is with regret.......

Have to agree with this ...even if a bit tooooooo long !

Deaf and hearing loss is not just for the old of course there is a lot of it about but our £ is just as good as other customers !

It fact all firms are supposed to address this issue and not discriminate against disability so come o n CEO get a grip !

The old 'Ticket' system was excellent just like a an email but secure and time to 'think' about the matter in hand. Chat is ok too if a bit tricky at times getting the right response but Having it showing on the website and talking of it in adds etc but having it CLOSED is is really bad customer relations.

Hanging on the phone for 30 mins +with horrible loud music  is not acceptable. Not surprising Plusnet has drop out of the which? best buy tables.  Shame good firm spoilt by terrible customer communication issues..

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Re: It is with regret.......


Plusnet is today announcing proposed organisational changes to formally move into the BT Consumer division, resulting in a TUPE transfer of those assigned to the work. 

The Plusnet brand is to remain separate, at its HQ in Sheffield, from BT and EE and offer a different range of products and services, and the proposed is intended to take place from 1 February 2020.


Full article here:


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Re: It is with regret.......

Old news discussed on this forum in various threads and has no material impact on PN
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Re: It is with regret.......

Shutter mate..


I think the writing has been on the wall with this ISP for years so it comes as nu surprise that you've decided to leave for pastures new.


I can only wish you all the best and hope that you get the better service you deserve. Plusnet won't exist for much longer, it's already BT in reality. When we were on the old SMF forum I was contacted by Chris and asked to be one of the testers for this new forum. Initially I did agree but then the contract / gag agreement turned up and was covered with the BT logo, addresses etc. The moment i saw that i didn't want to know. They charged us £mega for their scam years ago on 0808 unlimmited access - disconnecting us frequently and then blaming our computer settings - even though other ISPs were fine.. Watchdog eventually exposed a leaked memo showing that BT were doing it on purpose to convince people that broadband was more reliable. I've never trusted BT since.


Plusnet won't exist for much longer, in case you've not noticed, the fact that their customer service is gradually being wound down shows that BT are starting to wind up operations for plusnets individual existence. Give it another year or two and plusnet will cease to be and we'll all be moved to BTs ISP. Well.. the moment that happens, BT an forget it. Plusnet are cheap, BT aren't.. a clever business move yes but yet another dirty tactic in their never ending war against the customer.


So shutter I salute you old friend, stay in touch somehow - on this forum, by PM or email .. it won't be the same around here without you.


I keep wondering if we should setup an external forum somewhere for us all to move over to as a backup if this one goes down? - There's people here i'd be sad to lose contact with when the forum gets shut down. Deny it as much as they want we all know it's coming at some point.


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Re: It is with regret.......



I agree with what several others have said, and it's a shame you now find yourself having to change ISPs purely because PN has gone downhill and it no longer offers a method of customer support which suits your needs.  IMO that's a bit like having to throw away an otherwise perfectly good item simply because some component has failed for which a replacement is unobtainable.

Good luck with your new ISP, and hopefully you'll not be leaving the forum.  Thumbs_Up