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It is with regret.......

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Re: It is with regret.......

I guess some who use this forum do not use PN as their isp provider and those numbers are likely to increase as time goes by, if the end game as mentioned by @7up is correct and the plan is to transfer current members to BT then it might be useful to have some feedback from those using alternative isp and in particular the speed of response to any problems they may have had.

Sure it’s cheeky to be asking a question like that but BT clearly are running down the services provided by PN and have little interest in taking notice of the many common sense suggestions from existing customers that could lead to improvements.

Loyalty is a two way street......looks like only one lane is open.

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Re: It is with regret.......

While I was away with Vodafone, the only time I needed to contact them was when a fault occurred after heavy snow, the meltwater had gotten into the junction box up the street & frozen overnight causing several lines on the street to develop faults, in my case the broadband became unstable and the phoneline sounded like frying eggs, but the guy on the other end was good, I said they can talk technical to me as I understood the terms, and the fault was identified while I was on the call (via mobile of course) & sorted the next day...


My only gripe was the router, being locked down it was not exactly techie-friendly (meaning someone like me who customises their home network, er, couldn't!!), and to get your user & pass from them, as it was encoded into the router rather than entered in a login page, needed some hoop-jumping in order to use your own compatible equipment, and they also have an "Approved equipment" list which if yours isn't on, then your broadband support is gone...


But that said the Huawei router supplied wasn't too bad, was decently reliable and did have some level of customisation, so I just used it 'til I returned to PN, and after that the router became a useless brick, cos no login page to enter a new user & pass, which sucks as it's a waste of hardware...