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It Depends on......

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It Depends on......

Which speed tester you run....  had a short period today, ( late afternoon ), when the internet connection seemed to be down... after about an hour. . ( change router & back again ) it re-connected and settled down... ( I know this cos I run Routerstats whenever I am connected ).

Anyway... got a bit bored watching the download trace hovering along between 6.2 and 6.3 on the snr ...  so had a look at OOKLA speed test... then I thought... I`ll check that against other speed testers.


here is a Routerstats graph taken just as I am posting this...( this trace is "normal" for me... apart from the high level on the upload side, which does not usually happen... that is normally around the 7mark  but the trace is the same... )

19-06-2100 SNR.png

So here are the speed test results, taken shortly prior to the above


LATENCY   27ms      DOWNLOAD   6.2mBPS    UPLOAD 940 kbps


 PING  52ms                         7.06                           2.64


no ping shown                      6.7                             0.7


no ping shown                     6.0                               0.6


PING 28ms                         6.5                               1.3


PING 26ms                          6.14                              0.59


PING 25MS                         6.7                               1.33


I accept that there may be slight variations in the speed, due to traffic at the time of the test.. and also due to the time taken to set the new test running... ( i.e following on ( although using a new "page" ))

but the slowest is TALKTALK AT 6.0    while the fastest is TECHRADAR  at 7.06... so ... quite a large difference between the two..


Incidentally... My broadband and phone provider uses the TALKTALK infrastructure... (no, I am not with TT ! )..


Note to mods..



I put it on General Chat, for something to talk about... rather than the actual BROADBAND or TECH HELP boards...because I do not have a problem ( as such) and I am not with PlusNet for my service now...


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Re: It Depends on......

@shutter Interesting. although that 'Tech Radar' result is, shall we say, 'suspect' - you have no chance of a 2.64 mB/s upload on an ADSL line.

As a point of interest, I have a little program that runs an hourly automatic test, and it is fairly constant - very occasionally at weekends it can slip up, but I ignore those stats, If it does it for too long, or at unusual times, I run OOKLA on the iPad and get the expected result 99% of the time. If that also shows an 'abnormal' result,then I use the BT test, and if THAT is also 'wrong' - I start to worry and investigate - but if RS is not showing anything out of the ordinary, I just accept it as a blip.

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