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Re: Is...

The way I've had it is a pint glass half and half with lager and coke, then a shot of amaretto on top - it does indeed taste exactly like dr pepper. Prefer white russians these days though.
I also like olives and anchovies, but don't like the taste of seafood 😕 it's a weird one.
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Re: Is...

I drink Dr Pepper and I'm proud. I'm part of an original crowd ... Smiley
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Re: Is... - has some ideas about the ingedients.
I love this bit....
"On an early spring day in 1885, casual inventor Ronald Pepper was experimenting with various items, I mean adhesives, trying to make plastic lenses for rifle sights. What he created was a substance that was impossible to work with, because it didn't stick to anything. Disappointed, he moved the container full of useless brown liquid to a desk, and started over with another formula. Alerted by slobbery noises coming from behind him, he caught a glimpse of his dog cleaning up the last drops of his failed creation from the container. Concerned, he took the animal to a vet who didn't find anything wrong with the animal.
As further testing was needed, Pepper made some more of the mixture, and fed it to his wife. Favorable review and no noticeable ill effects later, he decided to patent the "liquid" as a beverage. Despite a slow start, the uniquely flavored drink found it's following during the late 1800s.
Slight editing to bypass Miss Molly - the plusnet censor.
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