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Is this the silliest of stories...?

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Is this the silliest of stories...?

2 b or not 2 b? Angry Gumtree user conned out of £80 sends the works of Shakespeare to fraudster via...

Edd Joseph, a 24-year-old from Bristol, was furious when the Sony PS3 console he bought on Gumtree failed to arrive, so decided to get back at the seller by bombarding him with messages.
The graphic designer wanted to the send the conman as many texts as possible, so started by copying and pasting Macbeth into 600 messages, All's Well That Ends Well into 861, and Hamlet into an irritating 1,143.
So far Mr Joseph has sent 22 plays including Hamlet, Macbeth and Othello which have been delivered in 17,424 texts.
By the time he reaches the final play, Mr Joseph thinks he will have sent a total of 29,305 messages.

I thought, even with unlimited texts, that there would be an FUP in place?
And the recipient could simply block any more texts after the first few started to arrive.
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Re: Is this the silliest of stories...?

He's an idiot for buying anything from gumtree. I would only buy from somewhere like ebay (or similar) where you can look at someones feedback.
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