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Is this cloud cuckoo economics

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Is this cloud cuckoo economics
This, the report found, would increase recycling rates, reduce costs associated with the PRN system and save councils around £160 million in avoided waste management costs at a time of spending cuts - equivalent to £7 per household per year.
Researchers found that setting up a scheme would take an initial £84 million investment over one or two years. The running costs of the scheme - approximately £700 million per year - would then be met by unclaimed deposits and by the drinks industry, it said.
Based at 90% return rates, which have been achieved in some EU deposit schemes, there would be £491 million in unclaimed deposits to support the running costs, with the remaining £212 million to be met by drinks manufacturers. This, the report said, could be passed onto consumers through a 0.7p rise in the unit retail price.
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Re: Is this cloud cuckoo economics

Sad  i dont know oldjim