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Is this a scam

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Is this a scam

In my bowls club web mail this morning I received a request to let a fellow member know that the sender had had a cheque accidentally dropped through his door that was payable to my fellow club member. Asking me to send the contact details of club member so he could pass on the cheque.
The club members name is correct and a highly plausible name was given by the sender with a bt internet address. If he is known to the member why use this rather elaborate route to obtain his contact details.
I was very suspicious, and only forwarded the mail to the club member who is not that computer savvy, with a comment that he should be careful what he if anything he does next, recommending unless he recognises the name of the sender he should do nothing except delete the mail I sent him.
It occurred to me afterwards that might be exactly what the sender wanted me to do if he has a way of hacking my club web mail.
After all this it may be entirely genuine. Anybody heard of a scam operating in this way?
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Re: Is this a scam

Why would the cheque issuer drop it through someone elses front door?  Did the payee once live there?
The only correct thing you can do is ask the email's sender to return the cheque to the issuer or, to the issuing
bank as cheque received in error at the wrong address - the bank can then return it to the issuer. But you
must keep a hard copy of the email/s on record at your bowls club.
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