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Is there anyone out there?

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Is there anyone out there?

Last Tuesday I posted a question because I could not add my Plusnet email address to my Outlook 356 email system, I have four email addresses working very well in  Outlook 365, two are POP accounts and two are Microsoft Exchange accounts. I have recieved lots and lots of messages since posting my request for help; none of the meesages have helped and all are about another problem. Am I missing something or not knowing how the community works. I have got and resd the various help guides and followed them several times, none have solved the problem.

I am using an old Tiscali (TalkTalk) email account as one of the four email accounts, which if I can setup a Plusnet email account I will be ending. When I switch on my laptop I want to see all my email account all there in Outlook. I do not want to damage my email access as it includes my St John Ambulance account which at this time of year gets very, very busy.



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Re: Is there anyone out there?

If the question is  What are the settings for  a Plusnet mail Account, then from a quick search on Plusnet Help and Support - E-mails

What details do I need

When you first set up your email application for using your Plusnet email account, it'll ask you for your email username and password. They're usually your:

  • Plusnet account username
  • Plusnet account password

If you're adding an extra email address that you've set up in Manage My Mail, you'll need to use:

  • your mailbox username, typed as username+mailboxname e.g. smith+andrew
  • your mailbox password

What Other Settings do I need

You'll need to give a few more details when you're setting up your email application. They can be pretty confusing, so here's what to use.

Incoming server
Incoming port 143 110
Outgoing server
Outgoing port 587 (recommended) or 25 587 (recommended) or 25
SMTP Authentication
(only needed if you're sending emails from a non-Plusnet Internet connection)*
Yes Yes

* This is only available if you've got an active Plusnet broadband account

If you've been with us a while, your domain might be ' or ''. If so, change '' to '' or '' for both your incoming and outgoing servers.


If on the other hand the question is  "How do I set up a new mail account on Outlook".

Close any open instances of Outlook

Go to the start button and type "control panel"

That should get you the opportunity to open the Control Panel App

In that app choose Mail(Microsoft Outlook 2016)... Don't choose Mail(32 bit) its the wrong mail program.

Select Set up Email accounts and directories

In the window that opens choose New

Select manual setup 

Choose POP or IMAP

Fill in the details as from the above