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Is the end of the High St nigh?

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Re: Is the end of the High St nigh?

As if they needed one, another nail in the high street coffin are those congestion charges being introduced in order to cut pollution. Here in Wales its certainly on the cards for Cardiff, and Swansea will not be far behind.

This of course is double bubble for the Council who can be seen to be 'doing the right thing' whilst charging us for doing so. Business rates, car park charges..... and now this?

Pass them the hammer.

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Re: Is the end of the High St nigh?

Great more charges.

London has introduced the T charge - an additional tax on top of the Congestion Tax to cut pollutions from older vehicles.

Or cynical me would argue it is an additional tax to get people with older vehicles to buy newer ones which no doubt car manufacturers and sales people will be happy about.

The thing that I am against any sort of congestion tax, is the people who want it (as they see the £'s) try to pull the wool over people's eyes and come out with lies and say it is to cut pollution, improve air quality make as all live longer. The scary thing for me is people actually fall for all those lies.

Also what do you think happens when delivery lorries have to pay it? Well the driver is hardly going to pay it of their pocket are they? The prices of goods in shops and living costs will rise even for people who don't drive in those areas.

Sorry rant about congestion taxes over for now, sorry for boring everyone Tongue