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Iran claims to have captured MI6 spy

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Iran claims to have captured MI6 spy

Iran says it has captured a spy working for British intelligence agency MI6 in the south-eastern city of Kerman.
The head of Kerman's revolutionary court said the alleged spy had admitted being in contact with four British intelligence officers 11 times, both inside and outside the country.
He said the accused was now on trial and had confessed. The nationality of the alleged spy is not yet known.

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Re: Iran claims to have captured MI6 spy

Iran regularly claims to arrest a western spy, most of them tend to be Iranians rather than foreigners yet all of them apparently work for Israel/USA/UK and sometimes also work for Russia/France/Germany invariably the various countries deny any and all knowledge and the poor bugger who has always "confessed under intensive questioning" gets there head lopped off, I don't expect this will be any different an outcome unless its a foreigner in which case they might just be sentenced to life in prison which being as brutal as they are will likely be less than a decade regardless of actual guilt
its pretty much always the same particularly with oppressive regimes hell bent on discovering spy's in there midst (and there will always be spies) so that they are seen to be doing something even nastier to those that act in such a way than to the ordinary citizen .....
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