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Ipod software updates

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Ipod software updates

I'm not sure if this is the right place, but here goes. Undecided
I recently got a very snazzy new Ipod Touch.  Having connected it to my computer to put some stuff on it, Itunes said there was a software update, so I clicked to say "go ahead".  The update failed, leaving my nice new Ipod as an expensive doorstop.  Embarrassed
Having tried a couple of times, and about to give up and phone Apple.  I thought I'd have one more go, and try plugging the Ipod directly into a usb slot on the computer (not a hub) and it worked!  Grin
So if you're having Ipod problems, try making sure you're not going through an extension or hub.  It appears they don't like it.
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Re: Ipod software updates

As has been discussed a number of times in these forums, there are many products that do not like being connected through a hub. Personally I don't use them now preferring to fit a new internal board for additional USB. Never seems to be any problems then. They're quite easy to fit and, seem to be no limit to how many you can fit (provided you have sufficient slots available of course)
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