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Internet Piracy

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Re: Internet Piracy

The drive towards faster speeds was the result of larger and larger files to download - music, films, shows etc. Mainly so called "pirate" files.

Yes the faster speeds are great for legit streaming but that's just an after effect.

Maybe I'm exaggerating but if not for the pirate stuff I don't think a high percentage of people would have been interested in getting broadband in the first place.

Ones been driving the other. Kill it or completely regulate the internet would end up killing it all.



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Re: Internet Piracy

Not exaggerating at all, I'd say you were spot on there. Thumbs_Up

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Re: Internet Piracy

I remember when ET first came out there were reports that cinema projectionists would lower reels one out of the window for their mates to take away and copy onto video while reel two was being shown and so on.  How things have moved on.

I seem to remember there has been some research suggesting that people who listen to free music on line are more likely to buy CDs and, as has been mentioned, go to live performances etc.