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Incy Wincy Slug

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Incy Wincy Slug

Brand new washing machine, quite expensive, loads of functions.


Worked fine for a couple of days, then..... no power.

Fortunately, no clothes in machine at the time.


Service engineer attended next day, removed the cased enclosed main PCB......

Called me over, and pointed out a small slim foreign body on the PCB.

It was a baby slug, that had climbed up the outlet, and managed to locate itself between two high voltage points on the PCB !!


POW !!!!

The engineer marked the repair as a faulty PCB, so no problems about it being an "act of God" or similar.

I've now gone back to pouring unused boiled kettle water down the sink plughole, to deter / kill any more slugs.


No problems since, but took out an inexpensive 5 year warranty.... just in case.