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I won!

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I won!

Just received an email from Asus notifying me I am one of the winners in a recent draw they did



4. Prizes

Prize randomly selected to winner

500 + prizes available


Laptop Bag

ROG Backpack

ZenWatch 2

ZenWatch 3

ZenBook 3

ZenPad 3s 10


I bet I'll just get a t-shirt Funny

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Re: I won!

At least you can say...

Been there, done that, won the t-shirt.

Well done whatever it is. Thumbs Up

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Re: I won!

@Browni wrote:
I bet I'll just get a t-shirt Funny

Like when ebay were doing a give away. I "won" an ebay headed notepad (paper). Whoopeedoo

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Re: I won!

@Browni Don't forget to let us know what you've won! Wink