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I was naughty last night in the Bedroom...

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I was naughty last night in the Bedroom...

I took Tea and Toast into the Bed to watch a bit of TV
Warburtons Seeded Batch, makes exceedingly good Toast, though with lots of rather large crispy breadcrumbs.
So, having finished the Toast, I leant across for my mug of Tea, and disaster struck...
I accidentally tipped up the plate of toast crumbs onto the fitted sheet, thankfully missing the duvet.
What to do at midnight ?
Anyway, after a bit of faffing around, the only solution was to fire up the vacuum cleaner, which thankfully did a fantastic job in just a few seconds.
I did get told off !!
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Re: I was naughty last night in the Bedroom...

I got tea and toast in bed yesterday morning for Fathers Day.  I was very careful, and didn't notice any toast crumbs when I got up, but could definitely feel them last night!