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I thought this was funny ! ! !

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I thought this was funny ! ! !

" A BT spokesman said: “We know we can do better for our customers and we’ve made a commitment to answer all our customer calls in the UK and Ireland by 2020, "


mind you..... that`s got to be a good thing.... all the customer calls answered by Twenty past Eight ... ! !  


Or ... maybe.... it could mean you are hanging on the phone for a couple of years, before they get round to you  ! ! ! ... ( and you think PN call waiting times are bad ! ! !) ..


the above quote appears at the end of a report about Talk Talk being the worst for complaints.... ( Plusnet also next worse ! ! ! )... in this report


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Re: I thought this was funny ! ! !

@shutter Trust you to (intentionally?) misinterpret a badly phrased statement Wink

Om a more serious note though, from my reading of the TT  forums, I'm not surprised they come out top of that list. In their defense though, I suppose if you offer the low prices they do, you will get a lot of customers who don't really understand how the 'net works, so you get a lot of help requests - and if the online response reflects the telephone response.................