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I spy with ...

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I spy with ...

Cover up your Computer Camera if you want total privacy...

Note that this does not stop audio being listened to.


I use a small blob of bluetack over my camera, backed up with  camera & microphone monitoring app Oversight (on iMac)




Camera Active


Camera On Notification

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Re: I spy with ...

I don't have a pc camera.

I use yours. Please remove the blu tacSmiley

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Re: I spy with ...

I use facial recognition to control access to my PC. The usual message which pops up on the screen is "God you're ugly, I'm not  giving you access."

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Re: I spy with ...

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop with facial recognition, but can't get it to work for some reason.

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Re: I spy with ...

Kaspersky monitors access to my webcam and lets me know with a pop-up, giving me the option to block it.

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Re: I spy with ...

My Desktop NO web cam Cheesy

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