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I quite like this idea...

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Re: I quite like this idea...

@Mav. I meant the whole shop and not just one item.
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Re: I quite like this idea...


I don't carry my passport at all. I once had it stolen some years ago while on holiday. Put me off carrying it ever since.


I know of a friends sister, who lost hers (and she was in the UK) and he told me what a nightmare it was getting a replacement one.

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Re: I quite like this idea...

Being passed from one office to another is no joke. Try proving who you are over the phone to some 'jobs-worth' when all you are asking for is some type of form to fill in and send prove who you are. In all it took about 8 or 9 weeks to get another passport.

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Re: I quite like this idea...

You can vote in all UK elections without proving who you are, but try buying a bottle of booze at a ripe old age, and you need ID!Crazy

When I use the self-service checkouts, staff need to 'authorise' purchases containing alcohol, but I've never had to show ID.  I usually tell them I've just turned 18 and they take my word for it (perhaps because they've seen me shopping there for the past 30 years or so).