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I'm impressed

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I'm impressed
Overall, Rotherham Central was the worst affected station with 107 separate incidents costing a total of £100,000.
There were 24 fewer incidents at Doncaster but they totalled nearly £200,000, including an £88,000 half-mile stretch of track taken in December 2010.
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Re: I'm impressed

I Think the rail companies or BT were looking at water bombs, seems these explode if anyone starts tampering with cables or other property and cover the thief in smart water which can be detected days later and can actually identify where the material was taken from.
I recall someone on these forums mentioning the subject of smart water before.
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Re: I'm impressed

I thought the following story must involve some daring - unless the majority are inside jobs !
Police station thefts 'astonishing'
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Re: I'm impressed

Thefts in the past five years include handcuffs, uniforms, speed guns, dogs, riot shields, and even patrol cars.

Dogs? Shocked

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