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I kid you not..

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I kid you not..

We put up the christmas tree yesterday.

Out came the tree decorations.. lights.. then she pulls out an extra set of white battery powered lights (blue by itself it a bit over powering so this was rather welcome).


Anyway it naturally becomes my job to find and supply 3 AA batteries for these lights. I don't mind that but when looking at the battery box i noticed the button to turn them on / off / change pattern etc... and an extra function - which you would never expect to find on a set of battery operated christmas tree lights: REBOOT!

No I am not joking. Rebootable xmas tree lights. Whats next? Iron, TV remote, Shredder?

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Re: I kid you not..

@7up  They didnt also have wifi so they could connect to the inernet and you could switch them on and off from your smartphone did they????Cool_smileyCool_smiley

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Re: I kid you not..


If you look it up you can buy a PIC processor with onboard timers etc for about 40 cents. It simply isn't worth having a custom chip manudactured unless you are making millions and this is an easy way to quickly get to the market. And as for the cost of doing it the old fashioned way with bespoke components, the cost is significantly higher. So sorry, I would believe that a 'computer' is used as this now is the cheapest and quickest option,

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Re: I kid you not..

Alexa turn on the Christmas tree lights.

Alexa pack up the tree and Christmas decorations.