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I didn't know this about Open Heart Surgery

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I didn't know this about Open Heart Surgery

I suppose it is accurate
Anyhow, a day away from the keyboard and it feels like a month, as one trawls through the unread material. It was five-thirty in the morning when I started, after four hour's sleep. An hour later and I'm still only skating over the surface.
There is no point in trying to sleep though. One thing they don't tell you about open heart surgery is that, when they slice into you, the heart sac is destroyed, and with it the fluid buffer that acts as a sound absorber.
Lie in bed less than comatose and, with the heart resting on the rib case, and the din of the pounding makes sleep impossible.
Mrs EU Ref frets about my lack of sleep but there is no point in lying there. You might just as well get up and write. It's no big deal.
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Re: I didn't know this about Open Heart Surgery

Not sure about that..  this seems to imply that it is a build up of fluid after surgery that causes noise ("tamponade"). The sack round the heart is normally just protection not filled with fluid unless there's infection or some kind of disruption.