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I am now a Jedi Master !

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I am now a Jedi Master !

I've been looking for a while for an extra long Dressing Gown with a Hood, primarily to wear when I brave the chilly outside, to take recyclables to our Brown Bin, which now the local Council allow you to put just about everything in, no sorting into different bins necessary, so Cardboard, Plastic Bottles, Glass jars & lids etc all go into the same bin.


I finally found this.....

Jedi Master.jpg



Star Wars Jedi Robe

Just £35 from Argos.


It's lovely & warm, and keeps the chilly wind at bay.

(That's not me in the photo, that's another Jedi Master)



It's also great in our cold kitchen at something o'clock nighttime.....

Though it's not fireproof, so no cooking whilst wearing it.

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Re: I am now a Jedi Master !

Why not get the butler to put the rubbish out ?


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