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I Don't Understand Hermes

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I Don't Understand Hermes

Hermes have dumped their "classic"(PC) site so now all that's left is the so called mobile optimised one.
All sprawling open spaces, large boxes, and buttons.
I liked the old site as pages flowed logically and it, for me, was much easier to use.
Now what I don't understand is do more people really use this site via their mobiles?
Especially considering you obviously need to use a printer for the labels.
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Re: I Don't Understand Hermes

Haven't looked at anything Hermes aside from tracking for a long while, but the mobile-style is M$'s fault, with their stupid windows 8 tiles which made everyone turn their websites into extensions of that tiled style, looks blummin' awful, especially considering that most mobile devices can render a normal webpage perfectly fine without it needing to be all spread out with huge fonts...