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HI All
Here is some hygiene tips.
If you are going to an outside event such as a Festival
1. Take hand sanitizer with you.
2. Take portable toilet paper or toilet Rolls.
3. You may wan't to take a Toilet Seat Cover with you for the porta toilet.
4. You may wan't to get a Bum Bag to put your toiletries in.
Don't forget to wash your hands after using the porta toilet.  Please do this.  Your hands will be covered in fecal matter from the porta toilet. And if, for some reason the sink is out of order or there's no soap, use the hand sanitizer you brought with you.
Oh and have fun at the event or festival, don't go home with a bug.
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Re: Hygiene-related:

Some good common sense tips there, too bad many people fail at this Sad