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How times have changed at PlusNet!

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How times have changed at PlusNet!

After experiencing a house fire on 2nd June, I transferred our PlusNet broadband on 10th July to our temporary accommodation with an activation date 19th July, closely followed by 26th July was proposed., I contacted customer services on 1st August to find out why we had not received an email informing us our broadband connection was live.


I later receive the following message which makes no sense "As promised I have spoken to our suppliers and the order that was in place has had to be cancelled as there is a marker on the line from the previous provider. We have now requested that the tag be removed to allow us to removed to allow us to replace the order. This could take up to 5 working days "


So why did no one at PlusNet bother to investigated to find out why there was a marker before the 26th July, and if it wasn't for myself making contact on 1st August, how long before PlusNet would have contacted me?


A subsequent phone call on 1st August confirmed to maker was already removed commencing five days after the 26th July and therefore a new activation date of 8th August was promised - as usual PlusNet fail and I had to make contact. After waiting the usual 20 minutes I was told there was still a marker on the line and the broadband would need to be reordered. A subsequent voice message offering goodwill revealed the marker had been removed and I need to phone back to discuss - lucky me!


Upon phoning back, I was told yet again there is a marker and the previous operative was not qualified to talk to me - how am I to know who is and isn't qualified.


Operatives are very argumentative, ignore what you are saying and read their notes, which aren't comprehensive, as if they are gospel. Customers are accused of making up stories if you're unable to remember the previous operatives name who suggested the activation dates. Online chat systems are never working and call waiting times on average are over 20 minutes or more. Questions submitted via the customer portal are placed 'on hold' instead of being answered.


Despite contacting PlusNet once a week for updates I was reassured everything was in order, so why does PlusNet fail so miserably? Dear reads I fear we will never know as PlusNet take no responsibility and blame the system for being too automated or manual, BT engineers or indeed their colleagues - and me of course for making the whole thing up!

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Re: How times have changed at PlusNet!

I've noticed that 1st-line operators are more inclined to be argumentative - but if you ask to be transferred to a manager then they are usually much more helpful.

I suspect that the initial operators now have to meet some fairly onerous targets, which results in stress and consequent irritation with the customer.

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Re: How times have changed at PlusNet!

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