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How big is your head?

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How big is your head?

I'm trying to buy a helmet air respirator to deal with airborne wood dust in my workshop. At present, because I wear spectacles, I use a (A2P3) painter's half mask from Draeger. It's okay but a bit fiddly, so I'm considering a helmet based solution.  I came across a problem that my head is too big for most retail helmet respirators. To get one that fits I'm looking to spend £1000+ once all the bits are added. Needless to say I'll be sticking with the Draeger.

It's 43 cm, which is is an American size 8.


Is there anyone else with a big head on this forum?

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Re: How big is your head?

I'm guilty of that when I win a fishing match.  Grin

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Re: How big is your head?

Not a big head, but I do have a high opinion of myself. Wink

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