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How Long Is Yours?

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How Long Is Yours?

The proud owner of a 31in handlebar moustache has been named king of American facial hair.San Fransisco Bay's Larry McClure picked up the prestigious award thanks to hours of hard graft on his lip warmer.

He spends 45 minutes washing, drying and plastering in hair spray every morning.
McClure said that if he can get sponsorship, he will take his winning tash to the world championships.
The competition is run by Beard Team USA who represent the America at the biennial World Beard and Moustache Championships.
BTUSA promote "the worldwide appreciation of facial hair, fun and friendship...and opposes discrimination against the bearded, mustached, sideburned, or goateed".
The National Beard and Moustache Championship is split into four categories, including best moustache, best full and partial beard and freestyle.
Each winner takes home the cash prize and a fifth $1,000 award goes to a contestant selected at random.
Bearding pioneer Willi Chevalier of Sigmaringen in Germany took home $1,000 for his top score in the freestyle division while Toot Joslin won the partial beard, Aarne Bielefeldt full beard and John Szeszen won the contestants' raffle.
Judges included the former full-beard-styled-moustache world champ Burke Kenny and Sirwan Singh who has the longest beard in the world according to the Guinness World Records.
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Re: How Long Is Yours?

we used to have a record holder who was the Landlord of the Cock Pub, Beazley End, Essex  Thought  his name was Roy, His Daughter is still around  the one in the Handlebar Club however comes from Glasgow