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House Sale whinges

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House Sale whinges

I wonder if on this "general chit-chat" forum we can have a whinge or gripe about things that delay your house sale?
Like my gripe is that due to someone being very incompetent at my buyers building society, my completion is held up because they sent the mortgage offer to the wrong solicitors and it was not discovered for 2 weeks - now they have sent to right solicitors but with errors on it!  so we have to wait for a new offer letter...................... hopefully sent to right place before someone in the chain backs out and I lose the property that I am buying.
Apparently the building society blames the computer not a person?
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Re: House Sale whinges

You can whinge about anything you like here Cool
It was a few years ago but my move was delayed by a couple of months by a triviality. My neighbours moved in at the same time I did, and I have a right of way round the back of their house for getting large/dirty stuff in and out of my garden. A small question on the route came up, but their solicitor wouldn't talk to my solicitor!