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Horse poo !

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Horse poo !

We all know, that dog owners/walkers should pick up the poo....  but what about horse riders?

Just come down a very narrow country lane.... with a horse rider coming towards me...( lane only one vehicle wide)... with two cyclists and two cars behind it...  road widened out to a "kinda" layby area, in front of a house... where the horse rider went to clear the road behind... and I also went into that area, to allow the "traffic" to pass... The horse rider was stationary, right across the double gate (open) entry to the house drive. and the horse decided to drop a load, right there..  Shocked. traffic moved off, and so did the horse rider...

DISGUSTING  Shocked. imagine coming home ( or going out, even )...and finding a load of fressh horse dung in the middle of your driveway...

No... ( @Minivanman  )  ! ! Huh it is NOT free manure for the roses... it is disgusting... Horsey people should clear up after their horses, just the same as doggy people....


On the same journey... the main road, is quite a bendy road, alternating in many continuous S bends... an IDIOT MOTORCYCLIST decided it would be great fun (?) to ride the white line, and cross into my lane at speed, well over the 30 mph limit on that section... to overtake a stream of traffic.... TOTALLY UNSAFE RIDING... I blasted him with my full beam headlights... and horn... and he retaliated with his headlight... almost colliding with my door mirror, . as soon as he  passed me...then.. . another one... probably his mate.... did exactly the same IDIOTIC PIECE OF UNSAFE  OVERTAKING... again... well over the 30 mph limit... and he too, got a blast... he just gave me two fingers...

And they wonder why motorcyclists get a bad name... or even end up in serious collisions, and even die..

GREAT FUN..... Yeah... right.. 

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Re: Horse poo !

You're lucky you don't live around here @shutter where the horse to human ratio is very high and when the Common Ridings are under way there are literally hundreds (in fact close to 1000 in some cases) of horses on the road at once!

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Re: Horse poo !

Not nice maybe but unlike dog dropping it is not illegal.

How could it ever be enforced, especially where we have police horses and the like and besides, what sort or size horse poop bags would they need. Smiley

Motorcyclists like bikes and boy racers seem to be a law unto themselves.  


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Re: Horse poo !

We also have police dogs and their handlers clean up behind them when practical.