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Hong Kong Protests

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Re: Hong Kong Protests

Just steer clear of them electric Tongs.
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Re: Hong Kong Protests

Young turn to social media as newspapers and TV stations owned by local tycoons take care not to offend mainland China
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Re: Hong Kong Protests

Anyone who has been watching the news over the past few days will be aware of the protests in Hong Kong.

Protesters have again managed to disrupt the airport and according to the news today China is lining up tanks along the border.

Any guesses as to how this will end.

Not the first protest ever staged here but more serious than previous ones

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Re: Hong Kong Protests

Strange (or not) how we hear so much about Hong Kong and elsewhere in the world about this sort of of thing and yet right next door and just over the water in France almost zilch, zero, nothing. I wonder if at the time they played down the French Revolution as a little local disturbance. Probably, would be by guess. 

My brother in law sent me this just earlier.

Dégage was used he tells me in the French speaking arab spring revolutions in Tunisia, Morroco and much earlier in Algeria.