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Home Booster Pump

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Home Booster Pump

As the title states, I am looking for any advice on home booster pumps for the mains

water entering the house. I only need a boost of 1.5 - 2 Bar.

Anyone any experience, used or installed one?

I have a combi boiler and I have just installed a power shower that is struggling.

Our mains pressure is low, normally 1.5 bar, so if anyone in the house flushes the loo whilst someone else is having a shower the water pressure can drop to 0.5 which causes issues.

Alternatively I could go for a booster pump for the shower in between the combi & the latter but the only ones I have seen in operation sound like Concorde taking off.

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Re: Home Booster Pump

I foresee potential problems

A 2bar pump will give you 3.5 bar when in low volume mode and this could well cause leaks

A much safer option is a booster pump for the shower as that will include a flow swich and will only operate when needed

I have a Stuart Turner Monsoon 2 bar which is reasonably quiet

However that is for a vented system which yours isn't and in fact I believe it is against the regulations to fit one

Adding a booster pump without a break tank may also be out of the question but then again I may be wrong but I suggest checking

I suggest reading this

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Re: Home Booster Pump

Header tank in the loft space, with the ceiling suitably modified to hold the weight of the water in said tank... Smiley