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Holding pages

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Holding pages

Visited Argos website this morning to see a holding page informing me "We're almost there... Come back in a little while when you'll have the opportunity to shop our exciting and brand new range of over 45,000 products.".
Fair enough, seen this before and waited a couple of hours before refreshing the page. Several refreshes later and still the same message.
Looking through other sites I came across a link to an item in Argos so clicked it and, lo and behold, the page opened yet the holding page is still there in the separate tab even after further refreshes. Surely it can't be too difficult to code in such a way that the holding page reverts either back to the original page you wanted (if it still exists) or the home page?

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Re: Holding pages

Just a simple htaccess edit to redirect anything that goes to /* to the holding page.