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Heavy handed?

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Heavy handed?

Terrified boy, 11, frogmarched off bus to waiting police after forgetting his Oyster card due to sch...
This story reminded me of something that happened to me when I was around 9 years old back in the 60's.
I used to travel to school in London from Lewisham to Peckham ; a distance of 3 miles. Back then the passes stated your journey's start and end stops. For my journey there was one route that went all the way or several buses to New Cross where I could change for one of several to my destination (there was still a fair walk from the stop).
One day, having got off at New Cross on the way to school I was told, in no uncertain terms on the next bus, that I should not have changed as my pass did not allow that and next time I would not be allowed back on.
I informed the school and a new Pass was issued with the words 'Change at New Cross' added. This worked fine for several weeks until one day when I was going home on the direct route and reached New Cross. At this point the conductor chucked me off as the pass said I had to change there. When I protested reminding him that the bus went all the way without requiring a change he wouldn't budge - nor would the bus until I got off.
Suffice it to say I was pretty upset when I got home. Traumatised - no.

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Re: Heavy handed?

One for a Jobs worth award on "That's Life", a lack of common sense on the bus driver and police side
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